• WEB API (Web Services)
Courses for Companies:
  • PageSpeedInsights Websites
  • Microsoft Signalr
  • Use of native SDKs and libraries in C# to communicate with other frameworks

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed For many years web designers and programmers have strived to deliver to websites the content their clients wanted and how the same content should be presented, leaving for the very end today's most important fact: "how long the website takes to load". This was due to the fact that neither there was any hardware infrastructure nor analitic formulas to analize any website. Nowadays, things have changed and there are many tools out there that claim to be able to get the work done but, to my experience, there is only one tool that gets the job done right and that is PageSpeedInsights. I have used this tool for years and I can't recommend it enough to my fellow programmers as well as to website owners who want to know how well they are doing on this issue.